Web Scraping and Lead Generation

Mohammed Omor Faruk Bhuiyan
MD Omar Faruk
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About This Course

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of any business’s success, and in today’s digital age, web scraping has
emerged as a powerful tool to gather valuable data for this purpose. This course will provide you with a
comprehensive understanding of lead generation techniques and how to leverage web scraping effectively to
acquire leads and grow your business. Through a combination of theoretical concepts, practical exercises,
and real-world examples, you will learn the fundamentals of lead generation, advanced web scraping
techniques, and ethical considerations associated with data extraction.
Course Objectives:
➢ Understand the importance of lead generation in business growth.
➢ Explore various lead generation strategies and their effectiveness.
➢ Learn the fundamentals of web scraping and its applications in lead generation.
➢ Master advanced web scraping techniques for extracting data from websites efficiently.
➢ Gain insights into the ethical considerations and legal implications of web scraping.
➢ Develop practical skills through hands-on exercises and projects.
➢ Apply acquired knowledge to create effective lead generation campaigns using web scraping.

Learning Objectives

Potential Leads
Lead Generation
Web Scraping

Material Includes

  • Yes Materials Included


  • No Programming experience required.
  • A Laptop or Pc with access to the internet.

Target Audience

  • University Student
  • College Student
  • School Student


16 Lessons

Week # 01 Introduction to Lead Generation

Module 100:00
Module 200:00

Week # 02 Lead Generation Tools and Techniques

Week # 03 Website Optimization for Lead Generation

Week # 04 Email Verification

Week # 05 Introduction to Web Scraping

Week # 06 Data Processing and Cleaning

Week # 07 Integration and Application

Week # 08 Revision & Assisting

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16 lectures

Material Includes

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