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Khondaker R Islam
Khondaker R Islam
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―In the dynamic realm of software development, the spotlight is now shining brightly on Accessibility Testing, a discipline laser-focused on ensuring software applications cater to individuals with diverse abilities. In this technology-dominated era, the call for creating digital experiences that transcend barriers has never been more imperative.
It goes beyond mere compliance; Accessibility Testing is a transformative journey towards crafting technology that is not only inclusive but also empowers every user. As industries awaken to the significance of accessible software, professionals in the realm of accessibility testing find themselves positioned at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement. Whether you’re stepping into the job market, exploring the world of freelancing, or striving to elevate your skills, accessibility testing unveils a career path that is not only fulfilling but profoundly impactful, aligning with the
ethos of technology for everyone.
Embrace the challenge that accessibility testing presents, seize the opportunity to enhance your skill set, and become a catalyst for positive change in the digital world. It’s more than a career choice; it’s a commitment to creating a tech landscape that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Why Accessibility Testing Matters: A Glimpse into the Industry Shift Statistics indicate a growing demand for accessibility testing professionals: According to a recent industry survey, 78% of organizations consider accessibility a high priority in their development processes. Job market trends showcase a notable increase in the demand for professionals with accessibility testing expertise, with a 35% year-over-year growth. Freelancers specializing in accessibility testing report a surge in demand, with a significant 47% increase in project opportunities. Paving the Way for Lifelong Success: In the fast-evolving landscape of accessibility testing, the commitment to continuous learning is not just encouraged; it’s vital. Our dedication to providing lifetime support ensures that professionals in this field remain equipped with the latest tools, standards, and industry best practices throughout their careers.

Therefore, Join the Movement, Lead the Change: Accessibility Testing – Your Gateway to Impactful Tech

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  • No Programming experience required.
  • A Laptop or Pc with access to the internet.

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14 Lessons

Week 1 : Introduction to Accessibility Testing

Module 100:00
Module 200:00

Week 2 : Web Accessibility Fundamentals

Week 3 : Mobile Accessibility Testing

Week 4 : Assistive Technologies

Week 5 : Inclusive Design Principles

Week 6 : Case Studies and Real-world Examples

Week 7

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Khondaker R Islam

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Mr. Khondaker R Islam, a Microsoft-certified data science instructor with over 20 years of extensive experience in top-ranked pharmaceutical companies across the USA and Canada. With a distinguished background as a scientist and advisor in research and development, Mr. Islam has made significant contributions to numerous patents and drug discoveries, solidifying his reputation as a leading expert in the field.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Islam has not only excelled in research and development but has also showcased his versatility by serving as a database administrator, software testing expert, and data analytics trainer. His expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, as he emphasizes real-world applications and industry-relevant curriculum design to empower learners and students for successful employment opportunities.

Currently serving as the President and CEO of KSI Data Research, Mr. Islam continues to drive innovation and excellence in the field of data science. Prior to this role, he held positions at esteemed organizations such as California Inc, Sallie Mae, Pfizer, WR Grace Com. Purdue Pharma, and Pharmacopeia Inc., among others. His tenure at these world-renowned companies speaks volumes about his exceptional skills and contributions to the industry.

Mr. Islam's academic journey is equally impressive, with degrees from prestigious institutions including the University of Notre Dame, Dhaka University, and Howard University. Additionally, he holds certifications from CBC, Canada in Database Diploma and is recognized as an Oracle and 
With his wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, and commitment to excellence, Mr. Khondaker R Islam continues to be a driving force in the field of data science, shaping industry solutions and empowering the next generation of professionals

As the President and CEO of KSI Data Research,  thrilled to welcome you to our dynamic digital space. At KSI, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge and technology, and it is our mission to unlock limitless possibilities for individuals and businesses worldwide.

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14 lectures

Material Includes

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